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Should I Ride a Trike or a Bike?


Whether you have been riding since before you could walk, or you just started riding, one of the decisions you need to make is whether a trike or a bike is better for you. Sometimes, the decision is easy, because you've already made up your mind about a trike. If you are new to riding or you have been riding for many years and have more than just a few gray hairs, you may be contemplating a trike but are not really sure whether it's time to give up your two-wheeled partner yet.

Bike vs Trike Price

While trikes are a bit more expensive, they do have more parts to them – namely another wheel and all the stuff that goes along with it, including more fiberglass on the body. However, the prices are comparable when all is said and done.


Other than the most obvious of conveniences – balance, you can get a trike as bare bones as you want or as loaded as you want. Get a faring with a radio – or not. Change out the seat – or not. Whatever you did with a bike, you can do with a trike as far as adding conveniences and accessories. You can even get that thrill of buying new chrome to add to it. Of course, whether you’ve got a bike or a trike, Eastern Performance has all of the parts and accessories you need in order to customize your ride to the fullest.

Aftermarket Parts

And, if you just love adding aftermarket parts to your bike, you can do that with your trike, too. We’ve got quality and affordable prices on all things Harley, including trikes, so you can still make your trike your own.

Making that Decision

When it's all said and done, whatever you do with a bike – except maybe lane splitting – where it's legal of course – you can do with a trike. Your face is still in the wind, and you'll still get soaked if you get stuck in a rain storm. And you probably won't want to ride it if it's much below 50 degrees. In these ways, it’s still very much like a bike. Oh, and for those who just have to sit outside and polish that bike for hours on end, you'll have no problem doing that, just like you can do with a bike.

Ask Yourself Questions

To help you determine whether a trike or a bike is best for you, you'll have to ask yourself some questions, as this is a personal decision. One of the big questions is whether you are strong enough or healthy enough to ride a bike. If you have problems with diabetic neuropathy, or other issues where you might have a problem holding up a bike, yet you're not ready to stop riding yet, then a trike is definitely the answer.

If you are just starting out riding and hate the thought of dumping a brand new bike, you may want to get a used beater bike to learn on – or you can get a trike if you want to have a brand new bike right now. You're still cool if you ride a trike, and you can still ride with groups. As a matter of fact, if you are planning a long ride – as in a ride that takes days or weeks – you may want a trike simply because it's more comfortable, more stable, and can haul more gear, including a camp trailer.

No matter what you ride, you’re going to need the proper threads. Head on over to the Eastern Performance Cycles store for the best men’s motorcycle clothing, and women’s motorcycle clothing. Ride in style.

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